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Rear Flange Work Support :

Hydraulic work support is a replacement to the adjustable screw jack. This is not a force giving element but a resistance giving element. This work  support replaces both spring forwarding as well as pneumatic forwarding work support.
Only one port for piping purpose.
Built in sequencing. First hydraulic piston moves forward to push supporting plunger, till it touches the component and then sleeves collapses to lock the piston
Plunger touching force is very low. Hydraulic piston force is not transferred on the job. There is spring between touching plunger and hydraulic piston.
Touching plunger is in normally retraced condition hence loading and unloading of job is very easy.
Minimum hydraulic operating pressure – 100bar.
Maximum hydraulic operating pressure-200bar.
Heavy extensions to plunger can influence the contact force of the work support.
Rear Flange Work Support
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